Take a look at the most recent digital marketing statistics to adjust your marketing strategy. Is SEO dead? Did Facebook become the leader in the industry? Or do we need to focus more on PPC? Success is dependent on knowing what’s happening.

Search engine optimization (SEO) statistics

Many people believe SEO is dead. However, SEO is still alive and well, and you can see the statistics proving that.

10 SEO statistics as an eye-opener

  • Longform content is better for building backlinks than short articles, getting 77.2% more backlinks. Backlinko
  • 40% of all online searches include two keywords. Statista
  • 90.63% pages do not receive any organic search traffic after their first year of publishing. Only 0.2% gets more than 1001+ visits. Ahrefs
  • Google accounts for 87.8% search volume, while Bing is 5.6%. Statista, June 2021
  • Google’s first-ranked website has an average Click-Through Rate (CTR) of 31.77%. Backlinko
  • The top five organic results on the first page account for 66.70% of all clicks. Zero Limit Web
  • 15% of daily searches on Google are new out of the billions that take place each day. Google
  • Google’s search algorithm is based on more than 200 factors that rank websites. Backlinko
  • 57% of marketing professionals believe that on-page content creation was the best SEO tactic. Content Marketing Institute
  • 75% People don’t scroll beyond the first page of search engines. Hubspot

Pay-per-click (PPC) statistics

PPC ads are the most common kind of ads that appear on the Web as well as in mobile applications. Businesses can advertise across any platform and pay for each individual user redirected by the platform into their sales funnel.

10 PPC statistics you should know

  • Seventy seven percent of Internet users claim they can identify paid search advertisements. Clutch
  • PPC advertisements have an average clickthrough ratio of 11.38%. Sparktoro
  • PPC was ranked among the top three best channels to get high-volume leads. Formstack
  • 41% of all paid clicks are directed to the top three ads on the search result page. Wordstream
  • The highest paid ad has an average CTR 7.94%, while the average CTR for the rest is 2%. AccuraCast
  • At $135 per action, the legal industry is the most expensive. Search Engine Land
  • Search advertising is expected to reach $132 billion by 2022. Statista
  • PPC campaigns are used by 65% of small and medium-sized businesses. Clutch
  • 36% of users don’t know the difference between PPC and organic results if there isn’t a right column. Hubspot
  • 59% shoppers use Google to search for a product before they buy it in-store. Google

Bonus stat: According to my findings by conducting thousands of audits, 99% of Google Ads accounts have performance gaps.

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