Google Ad Grants have been helping nonprofits in recruiting, fundraising, and communicating. If you want to use this generous opportunity, then you must know how to obtain the Google ad grants for your organization.

If you’re eligible for a Google Ad grant, Google will provide a $10,000 per month budget to spend on Google Ads for your non-profit organization. Many organizations are happy about this opportunity as it helps them to reach their goals.

You have probably noticed ads appearing on top of Google when you’re searching for a specific term. Those are called paid search ads, which are used by the majority of companies in the world. The point of these ads is to appear higher in search results and reach more audiences.

The Google Ad Grants program will help your organization to get those highly ranked spots for free. With the help of Google ads, your promotional ads will appear when people search for terms regarding your non-profit.

Eligibility for Google Ad Grants

Here is a list of some Google Ad Grants requirements which define if your nonprofit organization is qualified for Google Ad Grants.

  • Your organization must be 501(c)(3) if you’re located in the United States.
  • Your organization should not be a hospital, a school, or a college. The philanthropic educational institutions are eligible.
  • Your organization must have a high-quality website. Your website must have a self-hosted domain.
  • SSL certificate should be installed on your business website.
  • You should agree to the terms of service for the Google Ads.

Why you should apply for a Google Ad Grant?

Google Ad Grant can help nonprofit organizations to reach their goals in a short period. Wondering why you should apply for a Google Ad Grant? Read the advantages of getting a Google Ad Grant.

1. Get site engagements

Your website will help you to promote good causes like volunteer opportunities, donations, pet adoptions, and so much more. The Google Ad Grant will make it possible to put your site higher in the Google search results. People will recognize your organization more easily, which will result in more donations, ticket sales, or whatever goal you’re trying to reach.

2. Connect to your current donors’ fast

Nonprofit professionals can find it hard to increase email open rates and shares on their social media accounts. Google Ads will help you to reach out to your existing supporters.

3. Track the progress of your campaign

Google Ads will give you in-depth data about your campaigns’ performance. You will also get valuable feedback about your website optimization and ideas on how to reach more people.

How can you benefit the most from Google Ad Grants?

Google has designed the Google Ad grants by keeping the nonprofits in mind. Nonprofit organizations can benefit from the Google Ad Grants in so many ways. Here are some of the major benefits:

  • Educate your potential customers by attracting them with Google Ads.
  • Attract new visitors and increase your website traffic
  • Sell tickets for performances and events
  • Promote good causes like adopting animals and fundraising
  • Recruiting volunteers to work on good causes
  • Promote grassroots activism
  • Contact elected officials
  • Promote donation
  • Generate funds to improve the reputation of your company
  • Build an audience and gain subscribers to your newsletters

Ways to use the Google Ad Grant

There are many people who only focus on the amount of money they spend every month. However, instead of using the full amount, it’s better to pay close attention to the output and relevancy. The conversion rate is imperative you must deal with. You need to take a lot of outcomes in mind.

You can analyze whether people are using donating forms or signing up to become a volunteer. You can also check if people are filling out the signup forms or not. The best part is that Google has designed this program to cater to your needs. All you need is to focus on the conversion rates and quality of your ads.

1. Acquire your grant

In case you are already a member of Google for Non-profits, all you need is a Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. These tools are provided by Google for free and its code must be installed on your website. When the process of applying is complete, you can send the non-profit website for a review.

2. Get started with the grant

As you already have your grant, it is important to follow a few best practices:

  • Run 3-5 campaigns
  • Keep your focus on laser-targeted ad groups
  • Add one responsive search ad for one group
  • Explore a variety of headlines and descriptions
  • Make use of the ad extensions frequently
  • Keep your CTR above 5%
  • Track conversions and monitor which traffic delivers results and which not.

Tips for getting fruitful results from Google Ad Grant

If you’re looking for meaningful, long-term use of the grant, you should focus on a few important aspects for a successful marketing campaign.

1. Build up a solid website

There is no doubt that having a solid website is your key to success. Your website must have at least 10 promotable pages. Your website must focus on various topics and information rather than just one. Installing the Google tag manager is a must while the website needs to be secure to attain traffic.

2. Keep a track of meaningful conversion

When you are trying to determine the success of your website, you need to keep track of meaningful conversions. It involves monetary and non-monetary goals and objectives. Monetary actions include donations and the purchase of tickets. If we talk about the non-monetary actions, they involve signing up for an email or newsletter.

3. Get to know your targeted audiences

There is no use of a strong website and ads if your targeted audience doesn’t watch it. You need to research and get to know your targeted audiences. It will help you create content that they will like. Having descriptive and important keywords is a must.

4. Maintain a good performance

The Google ad grant is all about maintaining and monitoring your site’s performance. It is important to make necessary changes whenever possible. Google offers a perfect platform that allows you to note which campaigns run successfully and which are sub-optimized. With the help of various tools, you can continue to do better than before. It becomes easy after a while to reshape the ads according to the demand of audiences.

5. Maintain compliance

Once you have your google grant, you need to work hard to get a grab on to it. The Google ad grant will renew each month. It calls for trouble if you fail to present yourself as suitable for the grant.

Wrap Up

You all must be aware that Google Ad Grant offers a powerful platform for non-profits, no matter how big or small. There are a lot of top organizations that fail to get the most from this grant. It is because they don’t know how to apply and use it for their benefit. I hope this small guide can turn out to be beneficial for plenty of organizations.

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