Unbounce is a great tool when it comes to building landing pages without any coding knowledge. So If you’re in need of developing a highly converting web, check what Unbounce can offer you.

Landing pages are an important tool in your marketing arsenal. They let you drive traffic to specific offers while collecting the contact information of interested prospects at the same time. With Unbounce’s simple interface and powerful features, you can create a landing page that converts visitors into subscribers without breaking a sweat!

The popularity of Landing page builders like Unbounce is due to the fact that you don’t need technical knowledge to develop your own website. Learning how to build your landing page may be hard, time-consuming, and inefficient. Hiring a programmer to do it for you is not always the best solution either: You’ll spend plenty of time explaining your needs, checking his work, waiting for him to finish, and of course – it will cost you plenty of money.

In this review, I will help you understand what is Unbounce, how much does Unbounce costs, what is Unbounce used for, and the other things you should know.

What is Unbounce?

The Unbounce Landing Page Builder is a quick way to create high-converting landing pages for your conversion goals. It allows you to create landing pages without the need of spending money on tools or hiring a designer. Unbounce is a website builder that asserts itself as a one-stop-shop for all of your landing page needs.

It’s owned by a Canadian tech company founded by Rick Perreault and five other professionals. Its mission is to help users create user-friendly landing pages, optimize landing pages, and increase conversion rates.

As of 2020, Unbounce has more than 180 staff members and more than ten thousand customers around the world. These include Fortune 500 companies like LinkedIn, Canon, Intuit, Amazon, and Vodafone. Such an impressive customer base only confirms Unbounce’s important role in building high-quality landing pages.

How does Unbounce work?

Unbounce Improve Your Landing Page

Unbounce recently launched its smart conversion platform, an AI-powered solution that allows you to easily create marketing campaigns. Using the features of the Unbounce Conversion Intelligence™ Platform, you can quickly create, optimize and increase the conversion rate of your landing pages. 

To have a glimpse of how easy it is to create a landing page with Unbounce, here are 6 simple steps that get you started: 

1. Sign up for an Unbounce free trial (14-day trial version) and construct your landing page. 

2. Choose your template and begin editing it. 

3. Personalize the template you’ve chosen. 

4. Include one-of-a-kind components on your landing page (to increase brand awareness).

5. Save your landing page.

6. Adjust, integrate and publish.

Unbounce Conversion Intelligent Platform

Ease of use is always a top factor for customers. Smart technology along with engaging content will help you increase important many important features, like conversion rates, brand awareness, or bounce rate. Unbounce knows this, so they have launched a conversion intelligent platform to help users build and enhance their pages using Smart Builder, Smart Copy, and Smart Traffic.

Smart Builder

The Smart Builder is an easy-to-use drag and drop builder that’ll allow you to create pages in the style of your choice. You can also customize it with your own logo, color scheme, and images.

Unbounce’s Smart Builder takes much of the guesswork out of getting started. It features pre-made templates and design tools, automation for buttons and forms, and integration with landing page optimization platforms like Optimizely and Google Analytics. You can then export your sales page into a PDF file that you can easily distribute to your sales team, customers, and prospects.

Unbounce More Conversions

Smart Builder Features

  • Optimize page section: The template will be organized to help you create an eye-catching and converting landing page. 
  • Style guide: Unleash your creativity when you can customize fonts, colors, and images to help increase brand awareness. 
  • Copy insights: Every successful marketing campaign is a campaign to capture customer insights, so Unbounce will recommend high-converting copies.
  • Design assistant: You don’t have to be a professional designer to have Unbounce to help you design the right one.
  • Builder Grid: This tool will help your design look more balanced, easier on the eyes, and responsive on both web browsers or mobile devices. 
  • Mobile-Responsive Design: No need to be an expert on responsive deisgn, you can optimize your mobile page to increase conversions without any technical knowledge. 
  • Multi-Device Page Preview: Have you designed your landing page but not sure how it will display? This feature will help you see the pre-view on any device, to ensure the best quality of your landing page. 
  • Conversion Goals: statistics will always be updated by Unbounce so you can optimize everything to achieve better results. 
  • Direct Domain Publishing: Unbounce can publish on any custom domain or URL. 
  • Built-in Google Fonts: Fonts are also a brand identity awareness, so Unbounce allows you to use all popular Google fonts.
  • SVG Images: Even if you add many SVG Images, Unbounce will do its best to keep the loading time fast, and the file size small.
  • A/B Testing: Are there are many ideas in your head that you don’t know if they’ll work? Unbounce provides A/B testing function to help you know more about how your visitors behave, and what motivates them to convert to decide what is the best option to increase landing page conversion rates.

Smart Traffic Features: 

Unbounce Smart Traffic
  • Visitor Attributes: This feature allows you to collect geo-location, timezone, device type, browser, and operating system information from visitors. You may improve your landing page by using this information.
  • Time-to-Learn: Smart Traffic begins learning about your page and visitor qualities immediately, far quicker than any human could.
  • Conversion Mapping: Identify conversion trends automatically depending on who converts on specific landing page version. In as low as 50 visits, you may begin optimizing for better outcomes.
  • Smart Traffic Insights: Discover how to increase conversions with Smart Traffic’s actionable insights. Without guessing, discover new channel and audience options.
  • Smart Traffic Reports: Download simple (and shareable) performance reports for your landing pages and Smart Traffic variations.
  • AI optimisation: Unbounce’s AI algorithm begins optimizing after just 50 visits.
  • Automated CRO: Increase conversions without having to wait for tests to reach statistical significance.
  • Fast results: Use Smart Traffic™ to test landing page variants more quickly.

Smart Copy:

Unbounce Write Compelling copy
  • Expander: Using AI technology, Unbounce will assist you in writing whole phrases and paragraphs based on the keywords you supply.
  • Remix: Copy’s Remix tool can assist you in creating whole new versions for your other campaigns, based on your previous content.
  • Writer: an Unbounce experimental tool that allows users to write, edit, and save material straight in the app.
  • 30+ Unbounce Landing Page Templates: a collection of 30+ templates for creating copy for a variety of situations.
  • 6 Languages: to reach a larger audience, create text in six different languages: English, Dutch, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and French.
  • Profiles: Share some basic information about your organization or product (such as the name and target audience) to produce on-brand content quickly.
  • Chrome Extension: When you highlight a sentence, write your next sentence, rewrite it, or expand it into a paragraph.

Features of Classic Unbounce

Classic Unbounce is an initial landing page creation and testing platform. It contains every tool a confident marketer, designer, or agency may need to get the maximum impact, including A/B testing, pop-ups, sticky bars, bespoke scripts, and so on.

Classic Builder:

Unbounce Convert More Leads
  • Drag and Drop: no coding knowledge is necessary; this builder can also add, delete, or change any component of your landing pages with a few clicks.
  • 100+ Templates: Start developing landing pages in minutes by picking from portfolio of 100+ high-converting templates – or make your own design from scratch.
  • Page Duplication: can duplicate your landing page and tweak to use for the following campaigns.
  • Copy and Paste: Rather than wasting time and effort rewriting, Unbounce allows you to copy and paste anywhere you want.
  • Custom Scripts: If you want more, Unbounce allows you to add custom JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to any page.
  • Script Manager: Using Unbounce’s Script Manager, you may have your own scripts applied globally across various landing pages.
  • Custom Mobile Pages: In addition to optimizing the landing page website, Unbounce now helps you to optimize a mobile version for improved conversion rates.
  • Direct Domain Publishing: Publish your Unbounce landing pages to any custom domain or URL, allowing them to connect effortlessly with your existing campaigns or URL structure.
  • Advanced Design Control: according to your needs, Advanced Design Control will customize at the pixel level of your pages based on the needs of your brand or customer.
  • Free Unsplash Images: The quality photos that Unbounce provides you are completely free
  • Speed Boost: every Unbounce page is designed to follow Google’s best practices for web performance and speed, so the loading times are pretty decent.
  • Built-in Google Fonts: Unlimited like some other tools, Unbounce allows you to use a variety of Google fonts.
  • Themeforest Marketplace: from Themeforest’s site. You can enjoy Access and download 240+ fully customizable templates.
  • Auto Image Optimizer: There are many factors that affect the page load speed, in which the size and quality of the image are extremely important. Therefore, Unbounce will automatically optimize to match the landing page for faster loading speed
  • Embedded video: You can insert the video directly into your website for users to watch without having to leave to play on another page. It will create convenience for users when they don’t have to open too many tabs. In addition, it also helps visitors stay on your site.
  • Video Backgrounds: The background videos of the page will be played automatically to keep the attention and increase the interaction between the user and the page.
  • Parallax Scrolling: This is a great way to animate your landing page website scrolling, give your website more depth, and create an impressive user experience.
  • Lightbox Popups: Lightboxes allow you to emphasize information. This prevents visitors from leaving your page and keeps them engaged on your call to action.
  • Two-Step Forms: Unbounce can create two-step forms – an ideal way for increasing conversion rates because interactive chatbot-like experience is personalized and relevant.
  • Form Confirmations: Customize your form confirmation message and design to offer a value-add, or simply to say thank you.
  • Content Gating: To nurture the way to leads, you can link to any content type: ebooks, whitepapers, infographics, and more.
  • Dynamic Text Replacement: Boost relevance, personalized for each individual user. Visitors are more likely to convert when relevance is increased.
  • Real-Time Dashboard: you can check back how your tests are working, and if they have met your expectations. Alternatively, You can easily connect Google Analytics with your Unbounce account.

Popups and Sticky bar

Popups are windows that are overlaid on the page that showcases a call-to-action button for your website. This is an excellent way to get people to subscribe to your newsletter, download your ebook, watch a video, or buy your product. The popup will stay in place until the person decides what they want to do and then it will fade away and disappear.

Through sticky bars, you offer visitors an extra incentive, such as a unique coupon. You also have the option of using this type of pop-up as your home page. They’re great for those who want to display their latest content, build brand awareness, and capture leads.

Unbounce Landing Page

Popups and Sticky bar features

  • Drag and Drop: Use drag-and-drop builder to design and launch targeted popups or sticky bars on your Unbounce landing pages or on any page of your website.
  • Dynamic Text Replacement: Unbounce will automatically match the copy in your popups and sticky bars when a visitor arrives.
  • Two-Step Forms: Create a popup form from any button, picture, or link on your website or blog. With a form that shows on click, you can keep your visitors focused on conversion.
  • Action Triggers: Display popups and sticky bars when visitors arrive on a page, leave a page, click an element, scroll down, or anytime you like.
  • URL Targeting: Run popups and sticky bars on any page or group of pages inside the domain of your website. Targeting can be done using the complete URL, URL “contains” rules, or UTM codes.
  • Offer Frequency: If it shows up too many times, it will cause discomfort, and if it shows too little, it will reduce the conversion rate, so Unbounce allows you to set the frequency of a popup or sticky bar to appear.
  • Offer Scheduling: You can schedule sticky bars or popups to start and stop promotions and campaigns easily.
  • Location Targeting: Depending on specific countries, regions, or cities, you should create a specifically targeted offers to reach customers.
  • Referral Targeting: You can create different offers based on their traffic sources like Facebook, Google Ads, or organic search.
  • Cookie Targeting: Craft your campaigns based on visitors’ browsing history, conversion status, prior activities, and more.

Essential Features of Unbounce

Smart Builder Integrations:

Unbounce Convert More Customers
  • Zapier Integrations: You can connect leads and data from your Smart Builder landing pages to 1,000+ Zapier-supported apps with a very simple set up. They’re also important for establishing automated campaigns and processes across many tools – no coding required.
  • Webhook Integrations: Using webhooks, you can create your own custom integrations by sending Unbounce form submissions to any server.
  • Direct Lead Integrations: Send leads directly to CRM and marketing automation solutions like Salesforce, Zoho, HubSpot, Mailchimp, and others without leaving the builder.
  • Unbounce Apps: Unbounce will shortly release an app featuring Connect your preferred marketing tools to Smart Builder landing pages in a matter of seconds, with no coding necessary.

Classic Builder Integrations 

  • Third-Party Embedding: This is a feature that helps Unbounce maintain its popularity since. In addition to the different tools offered, it also permits custom code so you can simply integrate third-party tools like Drift, Calendly, HotJar, and others.
  • Google Analytics: Google Analytics is supported by the Unbounce Script Manager. Simply enter your tracking ID and begin tracking your traffic and activities (like button clicks and form fills).
  • Lead Notifications: Don’t worry about missing out on notifications because Unbounce will send a real-time email notification to your team or clients whenever a new lead arrives. Emails may be simply tailored to reflect your company’s identity.
  • Script Manager: Script Manager will make it simple to add and manage Facebook pixels.

Account Management 

Unbounce makes it simple to keep organized for agencies or large teams. From a single account, you may manage several customers, users, or campaigns. Configure rights for each user and quickly transfer work between accounts.

Unbounce Client Management
  • Support Coverage: Hands-on, award-winning support is available through phone, email, and live chat from 1am-8pm PT on weekdays and 9am-9pm PT on weekends.
  • Client Management: Manage several clients from a single account while remaining structured by keeping account data separate.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO): Single Sign-On (SSO): No more remembering multiple passwords. Your usernames and permissions are all controlled in one location using a single sign-on (SSO).
  • Unlimited Users: The more the merrier. Add as many users from your agency, team, or otherwise as you require. This allows for more efficient work.
  • Permissions Management: With multi-user permissions, you may distribute previews of your pages to your team or clients. Manage access by assigning roles such as Admin, Author, or Viewer.
  • IP Filters: Exclude specific IP addresses from your reporting data to keep it clean. IP filters enable you to test and visit campaigns from any location without interfering with your tracking.
  • Audit Logs: With a complete record of user activity in your account, you can gain control over a whole team’s actions in the builder. Reports can also be exported for simple viewing.
  • Version Control: Do you prefer an earlier version of your page? You can easily revert to a previous page at any time, just like Marty McFly.
  • Archive and Transfer: Do you have dormant campaigns? Make an archive of them without removing anything. Do you have a customer who is ready to take charge? They may transfer their account with no problems.
  • Template Creation: Download any of your Unbounce pages into a template that you may share with other Unbounce users.
  • Page Duplication: Copy landing pages between client campaigns with ease, allowing you to reuse your own agency’s design and other assets for multiple clients.
  • Leads Export: If you have numerous clients, you may arrange and export leads for each one separately. Leads may be exported to CSV from a single or several pages.
  • Free Hosting: Everything is covered by your Unbounce plan. There will be no additional charges for hosting your landing pages, popups, or sticky bars.

Performance and Security

Unbounce Performance and Security

Security is always a top factor when you decide to choose any tool because using an unsafe tool will bring bad consequences. Fortunately, both the Unbounce Conversion Intelligence Platform™ and Classic Unbounce protect your data and consumer payment details, in addition to excellent Performance:

  • 5 Global Data Centers: With five global data centers, your landing pages load quickly in any country you’re targeting with your ads.
  • Quick Content Delivery: The Unbounce Content Delivery Network (CDN) uses Amazon’s CloudFront to ensure that your landing pages, popups, and sticky bars load quickly from any location.
  • Privacy by Design: Everything Unbounce does, from forms to transactions, is designed to keep your data private and the privacy of your business, leads, and visitors intact.
  • GDPR Compliant: Unbounce adheres to global data protection and security regulations such as GDPR, CASL, and PCI-DSS.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Increase the security of your login process by demanding secondary authentication on a trusted device in addition to a password.
  • Automatic SSL Encryption: All landing pages show a green padlock in their browser window (next to an HTTPS URL), alerting your visitors that their data is safe.

Unbounce Pricing and Plans

Unbounce Pricing and Plans

Unbounce has a three-tiered price plan that starts at $90 a month if you pay annually. All Plans Include:

  • Smart Builder
  • Classic Builder
  • Unlimited Landing Pages
  • Unlimited Popups
  • Unlimited Sticky Bars

Each option has different advantages. But the difference between the Launch and Optimize plan is quite big as the Launch plan will not have features like Smart Traffic, Visitor Attributes, Time to Learn, Conversion Map, Insights Smart Traffic Details, and Smart Traffic Reports. These are important features that help you optimize your landing pages most effectively without costing too much. That’s why I recommend going for Optimize or Accelerate plan to be able to use the most convenient features.

Who is Unbounce Best For?

  • Someone looking for a multipurpose tool to help build landing pages.
  • Pepople who likes convenience without sacrifiing features.
  • Those who don’t know too much about technology and web development.
  • Users that doesn’t want to take any design classes to have an eye-catching landing pages
  • The customers that are concerned about security.

Unbounce Pros and Cons 


  • It’s super easy to create completely custom landing pages.
  • The Unbounce landing page templates are easy to use. Ff you like, you can also create your own.
  • There are many useful tools to help increase conversions and optimize landing pages.
  • Dedicated customer care service. If you have any questions or problems during use, Unbounce’s support team is always ready to help.
  • High security so customers can rest assured about their data.
  • Lots of ways to test what works on your landing pages.


  • Might be cost-prohibitive for smaller business owners. The lowest plan is nearly $1000 a year, but the value that Unbounce brings is worth the money the most.
  • Unbounce support is limited to business hours. However, Unbounce also has help center for you to look up when you have any questions.
  • Existing landing pages produced outside of Unbounce cannot be split tested.

Unbounce User Experience 

Unbounce is trusted by many people because the user experience is so exceptional. Unbounce has brought its customers extremely useful tools at a reasonable price.

Unbounce has the most eye-catching, intuitive, and user-friendly interface possible. Fast loading speed gives users a great experience and a low bounce rate. You can access all the services and features that Unbounce offers with just one click. You can see all the data that will be updated accurately and continuously by Unbounce.

Helpful tools with great operability as Unbounce has up to 5 data centers and uses Amazon’s CloudFront to help get all the user activities done quickly.

Unbounce’s resource is extremely rich, the posts help you understand more deeply about marketing or creating a landing page. If you want to learn, you can go to visit their resource page to hone your knowledge.

For the purpose of being able to provide dedicated support, Unbounce has a customer support team on many platforms. You can contact them via phone, email, and live chat – which is great, as not all platforms offer such options. 

Unbounce complies with data security and privacy standards including GDPR, CASL, PCI-DSS. Coupled with 2-factor authentication (2FA) makes your activity is more secure than ever.

Conclusion: Is Unbounce the Best Landing Page Builder?

Unbounce is a great landing page builder. Unbounce provides users with incredibly smart features that make creating landing pages easier than ever. Anyone with an internet-connected device can access and create a quality, high-converting landing page.

By checking the report of Getlatka, it shows that after 12 years of development, in 2021 Unbounce has 14K+ customers, increased by 17.58% YoY, revenue reached $25.9M and funding reached $40M. This shows Unbounce’s potential to be the biggest landing page builder on the market. If you are someone who intends to build your landing page in the best way, then Unbounce is really the tool for you. Features like Smart builder, Smart copy, or Smart traffic are simply great.

These are all points where Unbounce can overcome the weaknesses of its competitors. Unbounce’s goal is to create a breakthrough in Landing Page building tools, helping users experience advanced services without any hassle.

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